System : Gynecological

Uterine cervix, Uterine body, Ovary, Uterine tube, Vagina, Vulva, Peritoneum


Gynecological tumors are rare, and among them, Ovarian tumors are the most difficult to classify according to WHO classification.
Each variant of ovarian tumor has its own prognosis and a specific treatment.

The accurate classification of gynecological tumors is essential to avoid over treatment in young women, in whom fertility preservation is a challenge.

Why refer cases for a second opinion ?

The rate of misdiagnosis after systematic pathological review of ovarian tumors is around 7% based on our French Network for rare ovarian tumors.

Some variant of gynecological tumors are so rare that general pathologists may see these cases only once in their professional life and may misdiagnose them, because they are not familiar to the morphology of these tumors.

Given the different surgical and adjuvant treatment modalities that are specific to each histological subtype of tumors, it is important to accurately classify the lesions.