System : Skin

Inflammatory lesions, cutaneous lymphoproliferations, adnexal tumors, other


Cutaneous disorders vary from inflammatory disorders sometimes impacting quality of life to diseases that affect patient prognosis such as malignant melanoma or some cutaneous lymphomas.

Why refer cases for a second opinion ?

Microscopic features of many inflammatory cutaneous disorders are frequently non specific. However, some “clue” features can help to define a specific diagnosis or to link a disease to a group (for example, in granulomatous diseases).

In addition, histopathologic examination can help to exclude some diagnoses, such as a mycosis fungoides in a patient presenting with erythematous patches with microscopic evidence of psoriasis.

In neoplastic process, second-opinion is particularly interesting in cutaneous lymphoproliferations (Laban E et al, Annales de Pathologie (2015) 35, 131-147).