Privacy and data protection

Who can access to my request information on the platform?

Our Terascop doctor in order to double check the information accuracy and to assign the request to the appropriate expert.

The assigned expert and his medical staff.

Process of a second opinion request

Can I send medical documents in languages other than English or French?

No. Misinterpretation may occurred when translating document which can impact the reliability of the second opinion report.

Who assigns the expert to my request ?

Terascop doctor.

How to change some information or upload additional macroscopic slides in my request ?

Once your request for second opinion is finalized and validated by you it is no longer possible to send any documents. This provision is taken to avoid any confusion on the information / documents to be taken into account for the diagnosis.

HOWEVER should you believe that the information / document you wish to add could have an impact on the diagnosis you can contact TERASCOP via the contact form.

I'm not able to provide scanned slides. Does it mean that I can't get a second opinion ?

No. We propose to pick up your histological material and to convey it to the expert Health Establishment. Please choose “Immunofull package” from the product choice tab (step 3) of the second opinion request process.

How long does the second opinion expertise take?

It depends on the complexity of the case and the ancillary tests to be performed to obtain the most reliable diagnosis. Also the leadtime can vary from 48h to the shortest for a remote diagnosis to more than 3 weeks in case of advanced molecular biology tests.

Is it possible to know the status of my request?

Yes, you can connect to the platform and know the progress of your request at any time.

When a specific action from your side is required (for example, if the expert asks you for additional information), you are automatically notified by email.

The expert suggests me a package upgrade. What am I supposed to do ?

A package upgrade proposal means that the expert needs to perform additional ancillary tests to increase the reliability of the second opinion.

You can:

  • Accept. Only the price gap between the package initially paid and the upgraded package will be charged
  • Decline. A second opinion report with reserves related to the refusal of package upgrade will be issued and available on the platform

Can I contact the expert directly ?

No. Only the expert can decide to contact you via the secure platform messaging.

However you can ask your questions when creating your request.

However, if it seems essential for you to contact the expert, we invite you to send us an email through our contact form. The Terascop team will inform the expert accordingly.

Postal Submission

Who decides the type of submission (Postal vs Digital)?

Postal submission is possible for the following situations:

  • Scanned Slides unavailable
  • Recommended or mandatory by the expert
  • Need to perform ancillary tests which cannot be done locally
  • Applicant's will

Postal submission is offered but you remain the final decision-maker to accept it or not.

How to send my slides and blocks ?

You must fill in the following information on the TERASCOP platform:

  • Pick-up place
  • Informations about Slides and Blocks (Reference, Techniques...)
  • Person to Contact
  • Dates and time slots to collect your slides and block

We also invite you to consult our shipping recommendations to avoid any damages during the transport.

Are there documents I need to attach ?

Yes, please attach medical imaging (CD-ROM) for pathologies related to the following systems:

  • Bones and Joint
  • Central Nervous System
  • Thoracic

You can also upload these files directly to our platform when creating your request.

What Happens if I do not handle the histological material to Terascop carrier ?

Your request is canceled within 7 days after the unsuccessful pick up of the carrier.

However, you can contact us via our contact form during this period. Another collection tentative will be made once the new shipping fees have been paid.

Are Blocks and slides sent back after my request processed ?

Yes. The histological material is returned to the place where the collection took place. Newly produced slides are however preserved and archived by the expert Health Establishment in accordance with French regulations.

I have several requests to be collected for shipment. Is consolidated shipment possible?

No. The rule is one shipment per request because the destination may vary depending on the assigned expert.

Payment & Refund

How much does a request for a second opinion cost ?

Consult our prices here.

Who decides the second opinion package?

The medical expert.

What is your payment platform? Is it reliable?

Mango pay. We chose this solution for its security, flexibility and international recognition. Mango pay is owned by the Credit Mutuel Arkéa bancassurance group, which offers solid financial guarantees.

When shall I pay ?

Once the second opinion request form has been completed, you can proceed to the payment.

Are there cancellation fees ?

Yes. Following cancellation fees apply:

  • 200 € for order cancellation before expert assignment
  • The total amount of the order for order cancellation after expert assignment

I don't want or I can't accept a package upgrade ?

A second opinion report with reserves related to the refusal of package upgrade will be issued and available on the platform.

Will I receive an invoice ? When ?

Yes. Your bill will be available on the platform once the second opinion report is issued.