Partner centers

AP-HM, CHU de la Timone

AP-HM, CHU de la Timone
Hôpital de la Timone
264 Rue Saint Pierre
13005 Marseille 05

With 4 hospitals and 3,400 beds, the Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Marseille (APHM) is the largest health centre in the Provence – Alpes – Côte d’Azur region of France.

It offers the highest standards of clinical skills and nursing care. 2,000 physicians are committed to providing excellent and accessible health services to everyone within a full range of specialties, and advancing care through pioneering hospital-based research programs and educating future health care professionals with the University School of Medicine.

For adults and children, they provide hospital care services going from primary care to cutting-edge treatments of complex and rare pathologies.

Centre Léon Bérard

Centre Léon Bérard
Centre Léon Bérard
28 Promenade Léa et Napoléon Bullukian
69008 Lyon

The Léon Bérard Center (CLB) is a combination of care facility, research and teaching center.

More than 1,700 people, doctors, caregivers, researchers, administrative staff, technical and logistics services work on site.

15,000 square meters of buildings are dedicated to fundamental and transfer research activities leaded by 500 researchers who are focused on better understanding the processes of tumor progression in order to find the diagnoses and treatments of tomorrow.

The CLB also offer a complete medical care services:

  • 321 beds allocated to surgery and medicine
  • 202 places for home hospitalization
  • 29 209 hospitalization days in 2017
  • More than 34,400 inpatients in 2017 with 19% of them included in clinical trials

The Léon Bérard Center is organized in departments, technical centers and hospital units, all regrouped on a same location to optimize the diagnosis, treatment and global management of cancer.

Institut Bergonié

Institut Bergonié
Institut Bergonié
229 Cours de l'Argonne
33000 Bordeaux

Education, Research, and Medical Center, Institut Bergonié missions are to innovate, to monitor and assess latest technologies as well as to develop new treatments.

In collaboration with others regional medical centers, Institut Bergonié implement innovative diagnostic and therapeutic strategy.

Its technical services equipped with latest instruments and machines allows best medical care for cancer.

Hôpital Pontchaillou (CHU Rennes)

Hôpital Pontchaillou (CHU Rennes)
CHU Rennes
2 Rue Henri le Guilloux
35000 Rennes, FRANCE

Real hub of the GHT (Hospital groups of territories) Haute Bretagne and ranked among the top 9 French public health care institutions *, the University Hospital of Rennes (CHU Rennes) offers a hospitalization capacity of 1,831 beds and places.

In 2017, the facility supported 131,940 inpatients, 528,207 consultations (medicine, surgery and gynecology obstetrics), and nearly 113,918 emergency room visits. Its yearly total budget is 733M €.

In addition to a wide range of clinical services of excellence covering all health needs, the CHU has a state-of-the-art medical and technical platform dedicated to diagnosis and interventional medicine.

It offers a complete range of care to the population of Rennes and Brittany thanks to its 9155 professionals including 840 senior doctors. The CHU is involved in 14 mixed research units and has two accredited university hospital federations.

The #NouveauCHURennes reconstruction project aims to consolidate all the activities of medicine, surgery and obstetrics in a single site, the university hospital campus of Villejean, and modernize its property and real estate assets.

* Palmarès Le Point août 2018

Hôpitaux de Toulouse (CHU-Toulouse), IUCT-Oncopole

Hôpitaux de Toulouse (CHU-Toulouse), IUCT-Oncopole
CHU Toulouse
1 avenue Irene Joliot-Curie
31059 Toulouse Cedex 9 - FRANCE

Located in the heart of the French “Occitanie” region and an agglomeration with a sustained population growth rate, the University Hospital Center (CHU) of Toulouse is the reference health facility. Ranked fourth hospital in France, the CHU of Toulouse is a major operator in the health sector, particularly oncology with 25 % of its activity dedicated to cancer treatment. In 2014, the CHU of Toulouse joined forces with its public and private partners, in particular the Institut Claudius Regaud to form the Toulouse Cancer University Institute Oncopole (IUCT-O), a new French model of healthcare organization, research and teaching in oncology.

The IUCT Oncopole operates in complementarity with the other two hospital sites of Toulouse University Hospital performing oncology activities: IUCT-Rangueil / Larrey and IUCT-Purpan. On the same site, the two establishments bring together the expertise of 1500 professionals specializing in oncology. The Institute is located in the middle of a campus gathering private and public actors invested in the fight against cancer. Three missions are targeted: care, research and teaching.

Specialized in rare and complex pathologies, the IUCT Oncopole welcomes all patients to be treated for the following pathologies: hematology, women's cancers, Head and Neck cancers, skin cancers (melanomas), some sarcomas and urology.

The institute brings together all the oncological disciplines needed to detect, treat and monitor the disease: surgery, medicine, radiotherapy and brachytherapy, nuclear medicine, interventional imaging, biology and pathology. The management of the disease is based on a multidisciplinary approach which guarantees the quality of care: patients' files are discussed and studied at weekly meetings bringing together physicians of different specialties. Thus, every patient benefits a personalized care program outputted from a multidisciplinary specialist concertation.

Doctors and researchers work daily on therapeutic innovative programs. The Institute has put at their disposal high technology platforms for optimal management taking into account the most recent diagnostic and therapeutic advances.

Hospices Civiles de Lyon (HCL), CHU Lyon

Hospices Civiles de Lyon (HCL), CHU Lyon
Hospices Civils de Lyon (HCL)
3 Quai des Célestins
69002 LYON

Public institution of excellence, the Hospices Civils de Lyon (HCL) is the second Public Hospital in France.

For over 200 years it has been a center of expertise integrating all disciplines, medical and surgical. The Hospices Civils de Lyon has a wide range of human, technical and logistical resources to ensure their care, education, research, medical innovation, prevention and health education missions.

Nowadays, the HCL consists of 14 multidisciplinary or specialized medical establishments that provide 24 hours a day and 365 days a year of local and primary care.

HCL is the leading research center in the region on major topics such as:

  • oncology / hematology
  • infectious diseases
  • transplantation and immunology
  •  nutrition
  •  cardiovascular illnesses
  • neurodegenerative diseases
  •  aging

The HCL is also a reference institution in the management of many complex and rare diseases.

Contact details
3 Allée du moulin Berger,
Bat 3
69130 Ecully – France