ImmunoMol 1 ©
- Pathology second opinion report from a world class expert
IHC included
All necessary antibodies without limititation on the number
Molecular tests included
- MGMT Methylation
- Sequencing of CTNNB1 (exon 3)
- Microsatellite instability detection
- Fusion transcript, round cell desmoplastic tumor (1 ftranscript)
- MDM2 / CDK4 amplification
- Fusion transcript, infantile fibrosarcoma (1 transcript)
- Fusion transcript, low grade fibromyxoid sarcoma
- Fusion transcript, Ewing's sarcoma
- Loss of heterozygosity, 1p19q
- Fusion transcript, rhabdomyosarcoma (2 transcripts)
- Fusion transcript, synovialosarcoma (2 transcripts)
- Fusion transcript, clear cell sarcoma (2 transcripts)
- Fusion transcript (RET / PTC1, RET / PTC3)
- Search for the mutation of the BCR-ABL1 fusion transcript
- Fusion transcript, myxoid liposarcoma (3 transcripts)
- Fusion transcript, myxoid chondrosarcoma (3 transcripts)
- Detection of Ig / TCR gene rearrangement in the follow-up of acute lymphoblastic leukemia or lymphoproliferative disease (or residual disease)
- Reinterpretation of a DNA chip
- Research or quantification of the JAK2_V617F mutation by PCR
- Detection of Ig / TCR gene rearrangement in the diagnostic of acute lymphoblastic leukemia or lymphoproliferative disease
- Search for clonality B by locus
- Search for clonality T by locus
- Research or quantification of the BCR-ABL1 fusion transcript by RT-PCR
- Identification of structural abnormalities of lymphoproliferative syndromes and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma per locus (package 2 to 5 structural abnormalities (fusion genes)) (eg BCL1-IgH or BCL2-IgH (fixed with SLP and NHL)
- Research of BRAF V600 mutation by molecular technique
- EGFR sequencing: 2 exons
- EGFR sequencing: 4 exons
- KIT sequencing: 3 exons
- GIST Mutational Package (KIT / PDGFRA)
- Protein 14.3.3 detection in LCR by western blot
- PRPres Protein Detection in Cerebral Biopsy or Amygdala by Western Blot
- Western blot with 1 antibody
- Western blot with several antibody
- Diagnosis by southern or northern blot
- Detection of point mutations by Sanger
- Mutational metastatic colorectal cancer (KRAS / NRAS) package 6 exons.
- Mutational metastatic lung adenocarcinoma (EGFR / KRAS) package
- Melanoma mutational package (BRAF V600 / NRAS)
- methylation

Return transport included

If you want Terascop to take care of the collection and the initial routing of your histological material, a surcharge of 70 euros will be applied.

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69130 Ecully – France