Pr A. Gomez Brouchet
University Professor and Hospital Practitioner in Pathology, Medical Director of the Biological Resources Center IUCT IUCT
Toulouse, France
Years of experience : 18
Number of cases processed per year : > 250
Publications : 107
Organizations :
GSF-GETO, Member
GROUPOS, Referent
French Group of Bone Pathologists, Founder & Member
Graduate of Research Management
PhD in Pathology
Board certification in Pathology
MD in Pathology (Gold medal)
Msc in Human Physiopathology
Career path
2014 - Today
Medical Director of the Biological Ressources Center IUCT
IUCT Oncopole, Toulouse, France
2012 - Today
University Professor and Hospital Practitioner in Pathology
IUCT Oncopole, Toulouse, France
2003 - 2012
University Lecturer and Hospital Practitioner in Pathology
CHU Purpan, Toulouse, France
Advantages of referring cases to Pr A. Gomez Brouchet

Pr A. Gomez-Brouchet is referent and expert in pediatric tumors mainly bone tumors, soft tissue tumors, odontogenic tumors and blastema tumors.

Pr A. Gomez-Brouchet is an expert referent for French sarcoma networks (RREPS and RESOS) and is involved not only in diagnosis, but also in new research projects and clinical trials on these rare tumors in pediatric populations. She takes part in re-reading meetings in this field, in teaching sessions in France and abroad. She presented different works of research on pediatric tumors in national (GSF-GETO, SFCE), and international congresses (CTOS, EMSOS).

Pr Anne Gomez Brouchet is involved in the pathologist group of the SFCE. The University Institute of Cancer of Toulouse has a specific multidisciplinary pediatric team, is involved at the national level in pediatric tumors networks (SFCE) and develops multidisciplinary approaches (discussions and collaboration with radiologist, surgeons and oncologists, all experts in pediatric and sarcoma tumors, in meetings organized each week)

The pathological department of the University Cancer Institute of Toulouse developed, according to the most recent data published, all the essential immunobiological biomarkers and molecular biology techniques (in situ hybridization, next generating sequencing) to made the diagnostic of these tumors.  The laboratory also develops essential tools for life science research and diagnostic market. To respond quickly to new scientific discoveries, the pathology department of the university of Toulouse is equipped with innovated technological platforms such as: next-generation immunohistochemistry (RNAscope, immunohistochemistry multiplexe staining), next-generation molecular biology and modern imaging platforms (Imag’IN Platform).

The pathology laboratory works in close collaboration both with the research center (with a specific sarcoma team) located on the Oncopole site and the biobank center which is managed by the Pr A. Gomez-Brouchet to develop new diagnostic tools and to find new prognostic factors and therapeutic targets.